Changes to Choc Mint Cupcake…

I’ve got news…


The astute among you will notice that most of my posts have disappeared from here this week. I hinted a few posts ago that I was going to make some changes to Choc Mint Cupcake, starting with a photoshoot. Well, the last of the pictures are back and they’ve been off to a designer to help me make the look and feel of my blog be a little more me. And all will be revealed, well… soon.

Which brings me to part two of my news; Choc Mint Cupcake is moving. Woo!

I’ve thought about this long and hard because it involved lots of work and change and the possibility that the shift might make me lose readers, every single one of whom I have worked very hard to reach. But there are just too many opportunities passing me by with my current web host’s terms and conditions.

The integration is all done and tested and is something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for months. I desperately want to give you the URL right this very second so you can head over and see the site, but just bear with me for one more paragraph.

This site and URL will stay active (for now) because I think you’ll all find me okay at the new site. I’ve pulled most of the content down so that any visitors here will just see this post and one explaining that I’ve moved (which will go up in a couple of days). That means, if you’ve got recipes bookmarked, you should hopefully be able to find them easily by using tags or the search feature on my new blog, but if you can’t, send me an email: and I’ll find it for you.

Okay, so now, update your bookmarks to:

If you’re still reading… why? Go! Look at my new site… good things are waiting.

Mel x


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